Your affiliate application has been accepted! Go you! ?

What You Need to Get Started:

When you want to share your personalized link, you’ll enter the sales page or the free training page, etc into the URL generator above. That’s the link you’ll share with your friends to get commission. I highly suggest sending them through one of the FREE funnels, such as my Basics of Instagram Guide or anything on THE FREEBIES page. It’s a lot harder to make a sale just sending someone to a sales page first.

Examples for you:

If you want to to send a friend directly to a product page, you’ll just click Work With Me at the top of the main site and click the program and copy the URL into that generator for your personalized link. You can do the same thing with the FREE resources at Your cookies will stay in the system for 60 days (unless otherwise specified in the terms of your signup.) So if your person goes through the training and purchases one week later, you’ll get a commission. Sweet.

You are WELCOME to use any of my images to promote this program.

Now, this is important:
It is the law that your prospects need to be aware that you will receive a commission for your sales. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. You just need to place something like: “Disclaimer: If you decide to enroll in this Instamazing program, I may receive a small commission in the future.” You can read more about this HERE.

One more thing:

Make sure to sign up for email notifications in order to be alerted when you make a sale. (It’s in the Settings tab.)

If you have any other Qs, you can post in the free FB group or email me at Charity (at) You ROCK!