The ULTIMATE Instagram Guide awaits you…

Hey, I’m Charity! 💖

Nice to meet ya! 🤗 I’ve put together this handy, dandy sparkly Instagram Guide to help you start to:

  • post better stuff
  • get WAY more followers
    (the right kind– not random peeps from Turkey who don’t speak English… because THAT’S useful)
  • get on the road to turning those followers into customers (unless you WANT to keep begging your friends + family to join you. Yawn.)

Let’s get this Instagram party STARTED! 😍

✨ Discover the #WINNING secrets to starting out the RIGHT way on Instagram (Huzzah!)

✨ Finally start to explode your biz with closely-guarded, expert social media strategies (I’ve been around the block. I got you.)

✨ Learn the basics so you can begin to attract the RIGHT crowd to your profile. (You’ll be the flame. They’ll be the moths. Not that your prospects are ACTUALLY moths.) Whatever. You get it. 😅


“You are THE Insta expert. You don’t spam. You get leads & sales. You are real, authentic and trustworthy and it shines through. Charity Nicole, you are #InstaAwesome!”

Petra Foster, High-Ticket Sales Strategist