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It’s YOUR time to be... InstaHappyRich! InstaMazing! InstaFamous! InstaCredible! InstaHappyRich! InstaFabulous! InstaDorable! InstaBeautiful!

I’m Charity Nicole, your loving leader at The #InstaHappyRich Life and I will teach YOU to become a charming, creative social-selling siren, while working in a way that feels RIGHT for you!

But FIRST, I’m curious…

How freakin’ TIRED are you of feeling like a failure because you find consistency in your projects IMPOSSIBLE? (Maybe you have looming chronic pain, or 17 kids running crazy in your house, or mental/emotional trauma, etc.?)

How overwhelming is it that you COULD be doing anything, but you just can’t do EVERYTHING (and don’t know where to start!)

How sucky is it when someone tells you the reason YOU’RE not successful enough is because you don’t want it BADLY enough? (Yeah… otherwise you wouldn’t be so obsessed with making it work, right?)

Are you wanting so desperately to find a way to make people FINALLY pay attention to you & what you’re offering? (Like, how many heads do you have to verbally smack for some customers/clients? “YO! I’M OVER HERE!”)

I‘m here to tell you: child, this ain’t your fault. And there is a BETTER way.

It may be TRUE that you aren’t reaching your potential because you’re so frazzled to accomplish anything meaningful. Trust me – I feel you. It’s an AWFUL to state to occupate.

Maybe you ARE actually rockin’ and rollin’ like a super project POWERHOUSE, but people just aren’t giving you money or taking notice of your message.

It’s sickening to FEEL and KNOW how much potential is sitting inside you, waiting to burst out into rainbow beams of awesomeness ? that touch people’s lives and bring you bunches of moolah… but like, it’s JUST. NOT. HAPPENING.

I want you to know that I’ve BEEN where you are NOW. I understand.

It wasn’t until I was broken and bruised, beaten and scorned by the world to feel like I’d never make it because I had too many “problems” … that the solutions started to emerge for me.

I’ve NEVER fit in and guess what? You don’t have to EITHER.

I’m here for you. 

Call me your new BizBestie, cheeky cheerleader, encouraging ally & delightful darling who DARES you to BE what you were MEANT to be.

I love glitter (I even named my cat after it,) fun colors, *sparkly* glows and ever-youthful attitudes. (Part of CHARM is being an alluring presence… and a childlike essence is my sweet way to exude that.)

I want to show you how to make a ton of new friends through social selling that will love your posts AND buy from YOU.  See, I use a little thing called Marketing without Manipulation™. Mmmhmm.

Being genuine, heartwrenchingly honest and vulnerably supportive online has always been the thing that separated me from ALL the other distributors in my company when I was in direct sales/network marketing…

It was a HUGE thing that distinguished me from all those other “social media gurus” and NOW? ? It’s what allows me to put my stuff out into the world without fear of rejection because I know EXACTLY how to grasp the hearts & wallets of my IDEAL people.

It’s a WIN-WIN. And I LOVE that.

When people are sooo excitedly happy to give you money, and you’ve put every advantageous juice you have into your products to help people, EVERYBODY ends up blissful and you make bank!

You don’t have to bare your soul like I do to generate interest and gain trust… You just have to learn how to highlight and magnify your personal magic, and dim down the less-desirable aspects that every normal person has.

What could be cooler than changing the world, expressing your true calling, living your purpose and actually sustaining yourself & your family through it ALL?

You DON’T need lots of time or energy to figure this stuff out.

You just need to focus on the RIGHT things.

And guess what? Everything we’re about to embark on together will be FUN, hon! (or son? I cater to girls, but hello to my dudes. Haha.)

We are not here to turn social into some gigantic billboard. #LAME

Nope. We’re gonna share your life, business + mission with *sparkle and panache.* ✨ You soooo got this, Glitterbug!

You are truly Instamazing! Sending you hugs, hope + heavenly hashtags.

Have an #InstaHappyRich Day!


Charity Nicole

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