MORE Friends. MORE Followers. MORE Funds.

…the #InstaHappyRich way…



For direct sellers, network marketers and MLM gals who want to get more customers and teammates WITHOUT begging for every signup.

Right now, you’re trying SO HARD to get more people to sign up with you, BUT…

You feel OVERWHELMED with sooo many marketing ideas thrown at you and you’re DYING to simplify things.

You’re SICK and TIRED of being told that you aren’t working hard ENOUGH or doing enough stuff.

You’re STRUGGLING, feeling broke-as-a-joke and you have no clue where your next customer or teammate is coming from.

You find yourself thinking…

“Am I really cut out for this?”

“Will I ever make this work?”

“Is it even possible for me to grow my business without going insane?”

“Maybe I should just quit…”


Growing a business takes WORK (don’t let them fool you…) and trying to figure everything out on your own will leave you feeling nothing but EXHAUSTED, SCARED, DEPRESSED and DRAINED.

Thankfully, there IS a HAPPIER, EASIER way to get more customers and teammates in a way that ACTUALLY feels good…

I have created a FULL system that allows you to do WAYYY less, with wayyy MORE impact.

We can build your influence, soar your biz to new heights and fill your pipeline with prospects HOT to chat with you and sign up…

ALL using the power of Instagram!

Your business isn’t JUST a business… it’s your ticket to freedom.

And Instagram isn’t just something you COULD be on… It’s THE thing you NEED to be on.

Listen, I KNOW your company and upline are telling you all these things to do: book home parties, post on Facebook 3 times per day, add people to your group without their permission, message everyone you know asking them to be a “product model”…


If you actually WATCH the top earners REALLY build their businesses? They aren’t doing ANY of those things… at least not the way you think. So… what DO they do?



The best part is: NO MATTER WHAT company or business you start in the FUTURE, you’ll able to take all your new persuasion skills with you. And you’ll able to get other people to join you EASILY.

Rock Your Biz on Instagram is a 12-week program that teaches you the *specific* steps to growing your team through Instagram by signing up people that will LOVE you and ONLY want to do business with YOU.


+ Use your Instagram account to STAND OUT so the people who need your help the most can easily find you.

+ Identify what makes you as a person DIFFERENT not DUPLICATABLE from all the other reps to give your business the best shot at getting noticed.

+ Clearly COMMUNICATE your difference in a way that makes sense to potential customers and teammates and FINALLY be seen as a LEADER in your company.

+ Grow in your confidence and feel PROUD of the LEGACY you’re building for your family and your future.

+ Optimize EVERY part of your Instagram account and sales strategy for EASY “yesses.” 

+ Design a CLEAR path for your audience to follow that will lead to THEM reaching out to YOU, already in a state of being “READY-TO-BUY.”

+ Utilize specific personal branding techniques that will help suitable prospects who are ready to change their lives get RESULTS and feel a DEEP CONNECTION to you.

+ Add hundreds of quality, TARGETED prospects to your Instagram month after month so you can build real momentum in your business.

+ Use SIMPLE tools so that you are equipped to always fill your well with fresh faces on your team.

+ Get a steady stream of signups & sales coming in ALL THE TIME for maximum impact on your paycheck.

+Create powerful posts that BUILD TRUST and DRIVE SALES, so that people buy from you again and again.

+ Create so much excitement about your business through your posts (without having to try so hard) that your prospects are BEGGING for a chance to team up with you.

+ Finally feel SUCCESSFUL so that people will take you and your biz seriously.


Rock Your Biz on Instagram is an interactive 12-week program that teaches you exactly how to build a thriving base of prospects who will become teammates that adore you and customers who will buy from you again and again.

EVEN IF you’re brand new to Instagram

EVEN IF you’ve never run a business before

EVEN IF you have STRUGGLED to figure this out on your own

EVEN IF you’ve been told by people that your business is a pyramid scheme and will never work.


…and A LOT of support and encouragement along the way.

Let me ask you a question…

When was the last time you felt EXCITEMENT about your business?

The steps I teach inside Rock Your Biz on Instagram help you bring in sales and signups consistently (without running around like a crazy person or being tied to your phone 24/7.)

If you are…

TIRED of listening to psycho workaholics telling you it’s all your fault for not pushing harder, “running” faster, and doing more stuff

SICK of feeling like a failure, stressing over where your next customer is coming from

…and DESPERATE to grow your business with confidence and EASE so you can FINALLY have your freedom life

…then Rock Your Biz on Instagram is absolutely perfect for you.


A few examples of what my students have achieved…

Marilyn got her first customer within 1 month of starting her Instagram account.

Abbie added 1,000 followers to her brand new IG account in just 30 days.

Rosilda gained 500 followers and a new teammate from Instagram within the first 2 weeks of the program.

Jennifer promoted to a new level in her biz within 2 months of completing the program.

IMPORTANT: Results like these are NOT TYPICAL for most business owners on Instagram because Rock Your Biz on Instagram is NOT YOUR TYPICAL program.

Growing a business is HARD.

If you want results like these, it will NOT happen from “trying to figure it out” by yourself. “Trying to figure it out” on your own ONLY leads to wayyy MORE stress, years of wasted time and thousands of missed opportunities.


Rock Your Biz on Instagram is specially designed for direct sellers, network marketers and MLM gals (but this program can help ANY solopreneur who wants to use Instagram as their personal money machine!)

Our students include:

It Works! Distributors
Younique Presenters
Jamberry / BeneYou Associates
Senegence / Lipsense Distributors
Rodan + Fields Consultants
Nerium / Neora Brand Partners
Jeunesse Distributors
Kannaway Brand Ambassadors
Norwex Consultants
Young Living Brand Ambassadors
Paparazzi Consultants
Premier Designs Jewelers
Monat Market Partners
dōTERRA Advocates
Service Providers + Coaches
Independent Product Creators
…and MORE! (that’s just a small sample)

(If you’re STILL not sure if Rock Your Biz on Instagram will work for your particular business, feel free to send any Qs my way HERE!)


But, MORE importantly, you’ll be running a business that FEELS GOOD… INCREDIBLE… AMAZING.

Here’s what running a HAPPY “feel good” business looks like…

…sharing your products/opportunity with CONFIDENCE because you have tapped into what your audience REALLY needs and what their deepest desires are longing for 

…feeling CONNECTED with your people so they automatically trust you and are ready-to-buy because they can see you have their best interest at heart

…a DEEP SENSE of purpose and bliss because you are building your life around your passion and sharing the goodness with others who actually WANT your help

Rock Your Biz on Instagram is a comprehensive, all-in-one ACTION PLAN to bring you MORE friends, followers, funds & freedom. You’ll learn:

+ How to COMMUNICATE in a way that makes you DIFFERENT, not duplicatable so you stand out from every other rep in your company.

+ How to ATTRACT the RIGHT people particularly for you and your business so you never have to “cold message” anyone EVER again.

+ How to GROW not just a following, but a FANBASE that will follow you for life so you can finally get on track to the full-time income of your dreams.

+ How to BUILD your influence so that your targeted audience sees you as a friend and trusts you implicitly.

+ How to GET SIGNUPS without trying so hard and WITHOUT spending hours a day attached to your phone.

+How to be “in the know” and CREATE posts that delight your prospects and make it an EASY decision to work with you and buy from you.

+ How to forge a CLEAR AND SIMPLE PATH so that future you will be beaming from ear to ear because no one will ever feel like they’re being “pressured” to buy.

+ How to get MORE CUSTOMERS and TEAMMATES month after month in a way that FEELS GOOD without feeling overwhelmed, confused, anxious or just straight-up exhausted.

The secret to success is right here at your fingertips. You just have to learn HOW.


There’s one BIG problem with all these tactics your company and upline have taught you: they DON’T WORK anymore! All your efforts are not reflecting the success you’re TRULY capable of.

Just because you HAVE an Instagram account DOESN’T mean you’re going to make any moolah from it and “trying figure it out” on your own is NOT a strategy.

Your success doesn’t just define your business— it defines who you areYou HAVE been able to survive somewhat in your biz thus far, otherwise you probably wouldn’t be reading this.

But this is about more than surviving. It’s about THRIVING.

What would it feel like to thrive in your life & business, never having to worry whether your next paycheck was going to be enough?

What would it feel like to know that when you & your spouse go on date night, the check is covered with the extra money you’re making in your biz?

What would it feel like to be able to take your family to Disneyland (or even Graceland) if that’s what you fancy?

What would it feel like to know all your efforts and hard work are paying off without you having to DO MORE? 

My students have made Instagram their personal money machines, gaining more customers and signups month after month…


They came to me because they TRIED to figure it out on their own and FAILED. They SUFFERED through months (or even years!) of anxiety, depression, pain and missed opportunities all because they DIDN’T have a step-by-step system to follow.

You have two choices…


Keep wasting all your time, energy, money and effort “trying to figure it out on your own” with absolutely nothing to show for it.


Take 12 short weeks to implement the exact steps that have worked for me and HUNDREDS of others (just like you!) and watch the notifications start pouring in from all your new customers and teammates! Woot woot!

Rock Your Biz on Instagram includes tested and proven strategies that have allowed me and hundreds of my students to get new prospects coming in ALL. THE. TIME. Our paychecks have soared, our social presence is invaluable, our confidence is contagious. And YOU can have the same.


SPARKLE STEP 1: Become a Social Media Maven

THE foundation on which everything else you do rests– if you DON’T have this stuff in place, your marketing will be scattered & feel exhausting… This is your road map to ultimate success! You’ll dig into WHY Instagram is the new Facebook & how you can leverage this magical platform even BETTER than ANYTHING else to run your business.

  • Be DIFFERENT, NOT duplicatable so you can be THE go-to girl for your company

  • Craft your personal life and brand story EASILY so that potential customers & teammates will find you totally AWE-INSPIRING + really resonate with you

  • Find JOY in the process of selling your stuff

  • Hold the key to winning over the hearts of your audience by setting yourself up for success from the start

  • Video lessons walking you through every part of the step

  • BONUS! Glitter Guide: “Your Hero’s Journey: Craft Your Story!”

  • 24/7 access to our course community

SPARKLE STEP 2: Become a Prospect Princess

Get ready for your CONTENT CRASHCOURSE! I’m giving you the magic elixir here: the perfect combo of posting stuff that feels true to your edge AND also appeals to your audience.

  • Post just like your fave magazine does — your audience will devour it!

  • Create what your peeps are actually craving in 10 minutes or less to captivate your potential customers from the start

  • Post what feels GOOD so your prospect list will grow by the hundreds every month

  • Get clear on who YOU want in your biz so you can laser focus on targeting them

  • Become the person your prospects have been waiting for to sign them up!

  • Video lessons walking you through every part of the step

  • Fillable worksheets, checklists and templates

  • 24/7 access to our course community

SPARKLE STEP 3: Become InstaFamous

You want engagement? I’ll SHOW YA engagement! Not only do we want people caring about your posts, BUT we want to obviously generate more numbers in your notifications box ANNDD your paycheck. #AmIRight?! Let’s get LOADS of new followers coming to your profile every single day to check out what you have to offer!

  • Add hundreds of fresh, targeted followers month after month so you can build real momentum for your biz because MORE followers = MORE money…

  • Get ACTUAL prospects liking and commenting on your stuff (not weird spam bots or random marketers)

  • Keep your followers obsessed with you & your posts

  • Use unique, specialized tools that will keep prospects finding your profile each day with zero extra effort on your part

  • Fillable worksheets, checklists and templates

  • 24/7 access to our course community

SPARKLE STEP 4: Clone Yourself

Here in this Sparkle Step, you are going to learn the key to true freedom: maximizing your time! We are going to SAVE you mega-tons of energy using systems to help you be in multiple places at once it would seem… without breaking any rules! We’re going to concentrate on running all your marketing in just a few hours a week TOTAL so you can concentrate on the other important part: signing the people up and getting them started right.

  • Automatically schedule posts at the absolute best time of day to maximize your visibility

  • Set up the ultimate strategy to bring in followers galore using my Marketing without Manipulation method

  • Brilliantly love up your audience without tons of effort and keep your profile popular

  • Use my “Map, Batch & Bang it Out” system so you can run your entire IG strategy in less than 3 hours per week

  • Video lessons walking you through every part of the step

  • Fillable worksheets, checklists and templates

  • 24/7 access to our course community

SPARKLE STEP 5: Become a Signup Siren

Once you have loads of peeps coming to your profile, you have to know how to actually sign ‘em up! These steps will set you apart from the sea of other direct sellers out there. Your prospects will be able to sense your dedication and sincerity, so they ONLY choose you! You’ll create charming captions that will make your audience swoon + drool. You’ll know exactly the kind of words that will make people FEEL something toward what you have to offer so you can touch their soul, reel in the sale and help them get the result they’re dreaming of!

  • Follow up with your red-hot prospects easily (without feeling like you’re bothering them)

  • Get prospects messaging YOU with more questions (you’ll never have to cold message anyone again!)

  • Use my “Yellow Brick Road” method to help your prospects get pumped about your products/opportunity

  • Video lessons walking you through every part of the step

  • Fillable worksheets, checklists and templates

  • 24/7 access to our course community

SPARKLE STEP 6: WINstagram… Become InstaHappyRich!

Now that you have people coming to you every day, step up your game with winning power strategies! You will be leaps & bounds ahead of ALL the other gals in your company. We’re gonna wrap up with some extra tidbits you can add to your Instagram marketing now that you have all the main systems down. We’re gonna chat about contests, analytics and other little sprinklings of Insta-awesomeness.

  • Gain maximum impact by getting people to refer you to their friends

  • Manage your whole marketing plan in 30 minutes a day or less 

  • Know exactly what to do every day to grow your biz on autopilot

  • Keep people coming back to you for MORE

  • Video lessons walking you through every part of the step

  • Fillable worksheets, checklists and templates

  • 24/7 access to our course community



IG Crash Course: Get Your First 6K Followers!
VALUE: $197

Are you BRAND-NEW to IG and don’t even know where to start? I gotcha covered! You’ll be able to get started QUICKLY and feel CONFIDENT in your direction with these 7 simple video + written lessons.

The #InstaHappyRich Vault

Are you nervous because you’re not sure what to post on an every-day basis? I gotcha covered! You’ll snag my photo prompts and graphics ALREADY DONE FOR YOU to get a head start with these 60 Ready-To-Post SuperBases you can customize with your own words and my Instagram Photo Challenges featuring 365 days of post inspiration!

Photo Queen of Hearts: Graphic Design Made EASY
VALUE: $497

Are you totally like… “umm, but like… I wanna make my OWN pics like you and I have no idea how to do that?!” I gotcha covered! You’ll be able to make your own graphics EASILY using free software and recommended apps for iPhone, Android, your tablet or computer.

Video Made the Instagram Star: Be Visionary w/ Video
VALUE: $497

Have you heard that you have to do TONS of videos and live streams in order to be successful? But that sounds super freaking scary and terrifying? I gotcha covered! You’ll feel cool, confident + charismatic with my comprehensive video + written lessons with 52 Vid Ideas Done-For-You as well as my 52-in-520 Method to help you batch a year’s worth of vids in 1 day!

The 5-Day Instaventure
VALUE: $497

Do you wonder how you’re ever going to STAND OUT from ALL the other reps on social media? I gotcha covered! You’ll understand how to become DIFFERENT, not DUPLICATABLE™ with this broad overview of all the Sparkle Steps before you dive deeper where you’ll begin a personal brand, craft the Best Bio Ever & use my 5-Words method to set yourself apart.

The Glittery Gilded Tour
VALUE: $97

Crunched for time? Wondering how you’re gonna fit everything in? Wanna move thru the material at a steady pace? I gotcha covered! You’ll have a clear, structured path to follow and you’ll be able to learn + implement in less than 5 guided hours per week. You’ll complete the program in 12 weeks and turn your entire business + life around!

The Glitter Guide Collection
VALUE: $497

Want to feel covered for ALL different learning types? You’ll absorb the material easily and implement successfully with these 11 eBook Glitter Guide Workbooks. Each guide has its own name & purpose to help you and you’ll learn through activities as well as the written word.

The Sparkly Student Sisterhood Community
VALUE: $997

Wanna have some friends, support and accountability? Want some personalized feedback? Want some like-minded peers who GET IT to do this with you? I gotcha covered! You’ll have clarity, community and hand-holding from peers inside as well as be able to ask Qs + interact with Charity and mastermind w/ other direct sellers to stay on your game!

IMPORTANT: Your bonuses will be unlocked IMMEDIATELY, but I recommend completing the core content first.


In 12 weeks you can have:

+ A social presence that brings in $$$

+ More customers and teammates

+ A thriving business

+ And WAY LESS stress in your life

…so choose your plan NOW.

“Charity is great at what she does— she has such a kind-hearted, yet motivating and honest way of educating. You can tell she genuinely wants to see everyone (including you!) succeed and thus, she puts tremendously helpful material into the course as well as well as her 1-1 responses inside our group. It’s only been 2 weeks into Rock Your Biz on Instagram, but by simply implementing a few of the suggested tools, I’ve increased my followers by about 500 and I’ve had over 80 clicks on the link in my bio which has resulted in a huge increase to my email list. I even had a NEW prospect join my team which originated from Instagram! These numbers are growing DAILY and tbh, I haven’t even implemented ALL of what Charity has already shown us yet! I can only imagine what other wonderful results await from Charity’s #InstaHappyRich way.”

– Rosilda Xavier, Experior Financial Group

“I so appreciate your wisdom! I didn’t even understand why I needed Instagram in the beginning. I tried it, but it certainly wasn’t benefiting me. Since I started working it the #InstaHappyRich way about 2 months ago, I went from 300 followers to 5000 just yesterday! Even better? I’ve had a HUGE daily increase in traffic on my website— it’s skyrocketing! Which is actually now converting to sales. I feel amazing. THANK YOU!”

(a few months after writing this, Christie was a presenter for her original product on Shark Tank!) #what?! #yeahthathappened

– Christie Frankenstein, Realtor and Original Product Creator

“Eeek! So excited to share— today, I signed up a new marketing partner in Canada! It’s the first day we’ve launched there and I never would have been able to introduce my business to this gal if it weren’t for Charity and this awesome Instagram training.”

– Elizabeth Pennywell, Bridal Stylist and Monat Market Partner

YES, PLEASE! I need this more than CHOCOLATE!

 Aww, shucks! Right now, we’re closed for entry. Not sure when we’ll open enrollment again, but in the meantime, hop on the waitlist and I’ll let ya know when we open the doors!  🙂 




After YEARS of exhausting myself doing in-person networking and berating myself for not “doing” more, I’ve unlocked a simple system for generating money online…

…and it all starts with your Instagram account.

You won’t even BELIEVE how FAST you’ll get results.


Rhonda (an It Works rep at the time, now with Üforia Science) wanted to start growing her biz on social, but was feeling overwhelmed and not sure which direction to head in. She started at about 400 followers on her IG account. Within 6 months, she was up to 4000 (which means she grew by a rate of 600 followers per month!) Now, she’s getting steady sales and signups and her biz is soaring because she has CONFIDENCE in the way she runs her feed. She said she felt my process was SO easy to implement, even as a total beginner. (She’s a total pro these days!)


Sarah was seriously contemplating quitting her entire business because she was so frustrated and feeling broke. She was trying SO HARD on social to make it work… but it just WASN’T. Sarah had zero engagement or interest when she began the program with about 75 followers (who were mostly friends and family.) Over the span of 2 months, she focused on applying every single thing I shared with her and her account grew to 2200 followers. She started getting SALES and SIGNUPS strictly from IG.

Fast forward another 4 months and she now has over 9k active followers and is absolutely in LOVE with the platform. She receives 15 messages per day from potential customers and teammates… and she does NOT cold message ANYONE. She has gone from $0 in commission to having a full-time income in her biz, working from home.

Sarah NOW has a dependable process and way of doing things she can repeat month after month to keep herself and her family FREE.


Jennifer joined Rock Your Biz on Instagram because she wanted to climb the ranks in her company. She also wanted to make sure she knew how to stand out amongst the ocean of other reps promoting the same product. After she completed the program and implemented ALL the Sparkle Steps, within about 2 months she was receiving message after message from eager-to-buy followers that told her things like, “I have 2 other friends that sell the same product, but I wanna buy from YOU.” Her confidence is soaring, her business is drastically different and she even PROMOTED to a new rank in her company!


Results like these are ONLY possible for students enrolled inside Rock Your Biz on Instagram. You simply will NOT get results like these by “trying to figure it out” on your own.

Signing up customers and teammates is HARD. My students and I have been EXACTLY where you are now (we’ve seen it all and been in the trenches) and have made it to the other side, so DO NOT waste time staying on the hamster wheel.

Rock Your Biz on Instagram will teach you exactly how to grow your business, build a trusting fanbase, get more customers and teammates… I’ll be holding your hand every step of the way.

“I was sharing with a friend yesterday how much I appreciated Charity (and told her she should check her out!) because Charity started me on the IG highway and I’ll forever be grateful.

I can TELL when I DON’T follow the #InstaHappyRich way!

Charity makes such a difference to so many people and her sparkly, glittery self has impacted my ability to make new friends on IG in countless ways. Thank you!”

– Daria Rosen, Neora Brand Partner

“I have had confidence issues in the past and Charity’s feedback on my account really made me feel amazing.

I am implementing all of Charity’s tips and she honestly helped validate some big changes I’d been considering making to my content and relieved so much stress that had been plaguing me.

I’m so excited and I can’t rave enough about Charity’s teaching! You simply MUST have this in your life.”

– Renae Fife, Value Chick

“I feel AMAZING! Your intro to the course told me how amazing, incredible and worthy I am… and I believe it now! 

I was trying so hard on Instagram before, but NOW, I feel so empowered and equipped to make new friends there, mama! 


– Lynette Molina, LE-VEL Promoter

In 12 weeks, you’ll have a bigger prospect pool, more customers and teammates, a thriving business, and WAYYYY LESS stress and mess.

…so choose your plan NOW.

YES, PLEASE! I need this more than CHOCOLATE!

 Aww, shucks! Right now, we’re closed for entry. Not sure when we’ll open enrollment again, but in the meantime, hop on the waitlist and I’ll let ya know when we open the doors!  🙂 

I want you to know that I’ve been where you are now… I was SICK and TIRED… but I was also determined NOT to fail.

I was watching all these people in my company go to astronomical ranks within months… and it made me sick and mad.

I wasn’t jealous or wishing ill upon them… (Hey, more power to them!) BUT I was angry that it wasn’t ME, too!

*I felt like I was missing out.*

I knew I was meant for bigger things and I didn’t understand why no one was telling me the real secret to success in my business. 

So I made it my mission to figure out all these secrets…

I dug deep and found out that many, MANY of the top network marketers & direct sellers use Instagram to build their businesses.

So, I started an Instagram account, posted 6 times per day and waited for the MONEY to roll in…

…BUT… *le sigh* that’s NOT what happened.


Here I was, a gal genuinely trying to help people and I couldn’t get where I wanted no matter how hard I tried.

I was posting what I was told: cute/funny memes… selfies… “behind-the-scenes…” recipes… what I had for lunch… WHY WASN’T IT WORKING?!

I felt like a gigantic failure.

I felt I had so much to share, but no one would care unless I had a certain rank to my name.

BUT– how would I get THERE without people caring about what I was sharing? (Do you see my conundrum?)

A lot has changed since then.

I finally realized: It’s not really WHAT you post… it’s WHO you’re posting for. And THAT changed everything for me.

Now, I have over 22,000 dedicated, loving followers on Instagram and a customer base who has been following me and buying repeatedly for 7 years now.

But, I will NEVER forget how it felt to be annoying my friends and family, just WISHING someone would care enough. Like, maybe just the ONE right signup would be the ticket.

Since I gained such massive success in my years on Instagram, and had many of my teammates requesting me to sit down and teach them the #InstaHappyRich way, I developed a complete process for creating a rockin’ money-makin’ Instagram account and it’s available to you NOW for a limited time only.

My program, Rock Your Biz on Instagram, leads you through every single step of my proven approach to becoming a social selling siren who signs up loads of customers like it’s no prob, has people begging to sign up with HER and has loads of fun every single day. THAT is the #InstaHappyRich way!




This program consistently attracts the BEST students because they are willing to trust and follow the process I lay out for them. We are confident that if you complete the program and implement what you learn, you WILL get results. If you DO THE WORK, but are not satisfied, you may request a refund by emailing charity [@] within 14 days of purchase.

“BAM! I am SO EXCITED to report I just got an order from my Instagram account! I’m SUPER pumped, learning and growing while posting more quality content and just feeling so good after going through Rock Your Biz on Instagram.

– Bethany Hickey, Counselor and Coach

“Just had another person purchase from me who came from Instagram! SO exciting!

And… I had another gal join my FB group from Insta and she TOLD ME all my Instagram marketing is paying off because that’s why she decided to purchase!

– Samantha Liddle, Premier Design Jeweler

“Charity Nicole changed my Insta LIFE. Before I started using her strategies, my posts were very serious and I didn’t have much engagement. Now that I have gone through Rock Your Biz on Instagram, I know EXACTLY how to showcase my personality and use it in my marketing strategy. Within 48 hours, I went from 647 to 848 followers. 141 NEW TARGETED PROSPECTS! I’ve even had 2 of those people book a consultation with me!

– Petra Foster, High-Ticket Sales Coach

In 12 weeks you can have:

+ A social presence that brings in $$$

+ More customers and teammates

+ A thriving business

+ And WAY LESS stress in your life

…so choose your plan NOW.

YES, PLEASE! I need this more than CHOCOLATE!

 Aww, shucks! Right now, we’re closed for entry. Not sure when we’ll open enrollment again, but in the meantime, hop on the waitlist and I’ll let ya know when we open the doors!  🙂 

Check it out: I KNOW you’re busy. I completely get it. I’m also a mommy, a wife, an entrepreneur and running my household. My son is only 2 years old and I have less than 10 hours per week to run my business. I also have fibromyalgia and the anxiety that goes along with living in chronic pain. I do NOT have time or energy to do endless live streams, or partner up with a bunch of people, or do constant bouts of content. IT JUST AIN’T HAPPENING.

I know what’s it’s like to push yourself to the brink of wanting to give up because you’re exhausted, burnt out and just feeling completely hopeless when it feels like nothing you do ever REALLY works. I finally STOPPED trying to imitate other people and do things THEIR way… because a lot of their ways were condescending and demeaning to someone who leads with their empathetic nature, like me. I want people to feel LOVED when I speak with them, not talked down to or belittled. I also didn’t want to be a workaholic anymore because my family was more important than ANYTHING.

So I created my own system and IGNORED all that bad advice; I developed a NEW way of working so my days were blissful, joyful and FUN. And it WORKED.

I created Rock Your Biz on Instagram because my heart went out to all the other gals I saw running themselves ragged and feeling crappy like I did and I knew I needed to spread the word that there IS a better way.

This is NOT just “a course about Instagram.” I’ve done better for you than that. This is a process you can follow for LIFE that will completely transform everything you know about your business and the way you run it. It’s comprehensive. It’s simple. It’s nice. And you’ll gain SO many customers and connections who adore you.

I’ve been blessed to witness the incredible transformation hundreds of my students have gone through in their lives and businesses and now…? YOU’RE NEXT.


“Before I joined Rock Your Biz on Instagram, I was so uninterested in Instagram and hashtags and all that jazz because I didn’t understand WHY I needed them to be successful. But I KNEW I had to grow my brand presence on social media somehow, especially because Facebook is now so locked down on what posts ACTUALLY get seen by people.

I created my IG account from scratch and grew to 86 followers within a couple weeks. Now I know that’s not a huge number, BUT, I am still growing every day in followers and engagement from perfect strangers instead of just friends and family.

I am also THRILLED that in less than 1 month on Instagram, I got a SALE from a complete stranger. I am so excited now to focus on building my audience and brand even more! 

– Marilyn Serrano, Rodan + Fields Consultant

“Since I have been in Rock Your Biz on Instagram, I’ve been able to quit bugging people about my products and opportunity. I have been able to SOLELY use Instagram as my source of prospects.

Within the past few days, I received an inquiry from someone who wants to buy! And ANOTHER from someone who wants to re-sign up now that she has seen what I’m doing! It feels SO good to have people coming to ME  like this!

– Helen Schnapf Williams, It Works! Distributor


  • Is this program ONLY for network marketers and direct sellers? For example, if I made my own course and wanna sell it, will this program help me? YES! I have many students who are coaches and consultants that are wildly successful using my methods. And you’re NEXT!
  • Do people really buy stuff from people they met on Instagram? YES! You bet your booty they do! I would sit in my bathtub at midnight closing sales from customers time and time again on IG. I know they do.
  • Can I really grow my following like you and these other ladies have? YES! You just have to learn, be consistent and implement what U teach you inside the program.
  • What if I fall behind? Do I only have a certain amount of time to complete the program? You have LIFETIME access to this program and our group. We still have members in our group from 2015 and the program has gotten better over time and they revisit the materials every so often. Think how many direct sales gal veterans you’re about to meet that are happy to guide you as well!
  • Will you show me, even as a person who doesn’t HAVE an Instagram account at all yet HOW to set it up from scratch? YES! This is a program for beginners as well as seasoned social users.
  • Is this course JUST for beginners? NO! This is a program for ALL LEVELS! I go DEEP. Even if you’re seasoned, I want you to go through the ENTIRE program so you make sure you have every single fundamental in place that I recommend. A lot of the time, someone will go through the beginner materials and realize that the way they have things set up is just NOT conducive to attracting the RIGHT people from the start. I don’t want you to waste any time at all or go around in circles.
  • I’m thinking about switching companies. Will this program help me no matter what company I join in the future? YES. I have people from so many different companies in this program (you can see the list above.) You don’t need to be able to predict the future in order to be successful. You have to decide that your time is NOW and that you’re ready…
  • Can I find local prospects using these methods? YES. I did it all the time and have helped others do it.
  • Will I be able to get personal help from you and be able to ask questions inside the group? YES! 24/7 you can pop into our private members-only Facebook group and ask away. I’m more than happy to give you personal feedback on your questions. Questions are going to arise about your specific situation while you’re going through the program and that’s exactly what the group community is for. We are here to help you!
  • Could I get the same results just using Facebook? NO. It is against Facebook’s terms of service to use your personal profile as an outlet for your business. They will completely shut you down if they see too many posts about your business. As for a Facebook biz page, it is a mainly pay-to-play model. If you’ve got money to advertise steadily every single month to get your posts seen and you have money to buy a fanbase there, and if you’ve got a lead system in place that will lead your prospects to the next step, and if you wanna spend hours a day posting in random groups and other weird things, then sure, just Facebook might be able to work for you. But if you wanna do things organically without paid advertising, this program is for you.
  • There are already SO MANY people in my company/niche on Instagram. How can I possibly stand out? I totally hear you! I want you to look around. How many of them are TRULY unique in what they’re offering? They might be in the exact same company as you, but when YOU are in alignment with your purpose and posting about things that are unique to you and YOUR ideal audience (that I’m gonna help you get in touch with,) you have NO competition.
  • What is your return policy? Please know, girlie that this program is for DOERS— it’s Neiman Marcus quality stuff. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna love this almost as much as strawberry cheesecake, so if you DO the work and aren’t satisfied, that’s my fault and I’ll make it right. I believe you’re gonna be over-the-moon happy with your enrollment. Our full refund policy can be viewed here.
  • Can’t I just figure this out on my own? NO. You can play on Instagram for YEARS, never reaching the results on your own that I’ve helped my students achieve. Signups and sales don’t just occur by happenstance. This program is based on tried-and-true methodology and systems, created by a former network marketer, social media persuader for 15 years and a highly-trained internet marketer. You MUST have everything I’ll share with you in place before you can seriously create your dream life through your biz.
  • When will this program be offered again? Not sure yet! If enrollment is open as you’re reading this, come on in NOW before we close the doors. If we’re closed, hop on the waitlist to be notified when we open up again!