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 Make Instagram your JAM.

 Get new leads & signups coming your way. Every single day.

Create that #InstaHappyRich persona to become a prospect princess.

Tired of feeling like all the top earners know something YOU don’t?

Do you feel like you’re never gonna “make it?”

Does it feel like you’re wasting ALL your time & money on your business?

Have you been thinking about quitting? You got started for a reason. Don’t give up– I’m here to help!

Let’s work together to build your influence on Instagram, soar your biz to new heights & reach more people to join you!



It’s not that you aren’t good enough…
Because YOU ARE.

It’s not that you aren’t smart enough…
Because YOU are BRILLIANT.

It’s not that you aren’t trying hard enough

I know you want this to work more than anything.

You’re just not equipped with the right skills
to reach the RIGHT people to build your business

 It’s NOT your fault! The fact is: the stuff the companies are teaching you are all the “traditional,” out-of-date methods that aren’t as effective as they used to be.


  • You need to do 16 home parties a week to meet enough people that will want to join your business. Ooh, that sounds like LOADS of fun
! Not to mention, I THOUGHT you got into your business for time and financial freedom? (Not to be chained to having to go out every day on your poor, weary feet to hopefully make some great connections.)
  • You need to “cold message” every single one of your friends & family to try to recruit them for your business. Have you ever considered the possibility that no matter how many people you personally reach out to, that all the training of making 100s lists, that it might not ever come to fruition the way you’re dreaming of in this new age of technology?
  • You need to get people on 3-way calls with your upline so they can do the “selling.” The fact is— most people these days HATE talking on the phone. Phone calls are just awkward for most people, and YES, that includes 3-way calls with your sponsor to recruit new folks. The old ways of doing business are starting to become irrelevant for most people. And blast text messages also annoy them.
  • You need to spend $100s of dollars every month on company clothes, promo materials to hand out, and STILL run an autoship to keep your commissions. Well, you may still need to run your autoship depending on your company, BUT wouldn’t it be nice to know that you have systems in place that will actually bring in prospects to you consistently? You could quit spending money on things that “might” work and get yourself a spa day instead!
  • You can find out everything you need to know about this tech stuff by Googling it all. I know you think this is true because there seems to be free information everywhere. And there is. BUT
 the old adage “You get what you pay for” is almost always true. If you could have done that, you’d have ALREADY done it and you wouldn’t even be here reading this. When I finally realized I needed quality training to help me get this done, it changed everything because I had templates to follow, proven action steps and scripts to bring this all to life! And my life felt 1000 times easier and I could breathe, knowing my biz was getting where I wanted it to go FINALLY.

The secret to success is right here at your fingertips.
You just have to learn HOW.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro who wants to get even MORE new sales in your business or just kinda treading water at the moment, trying to figure it all out— One thing’s for sure: if your business is your ticket to freedom, learning to build your team on social media is your express pass.

And whether you’re working to build that dream life, want to take more family vacations, retire your spouse (or YOURSELF! from the 9-5), want to be debt free, stay home with the kids, or simply want to have a bit of extra spending money every month

 #InstaHappyRich: Rock Your Biz on Instagram
IS the answer to your prayers! 

This ONE-OF-A-KIND GROUP MENTORSHIP PROGRAM for network marketers, MLM gals and direct sellers will help you become a social media leader & get more people coming to you on autopilot that will LOVE YOU & WANT to business with you! (The RIGHT people… instead of wishing & hoping that Aunt Georgette will finally see the light and join you– you’ll be able to attract quality leads & prospects to you ALL. THE. TIME.)

Seriously, think about it: there’s one BIG problem with all these tactics you’ve learned
 All your efforts are not reflecting the success you’re TRULY capable of; the success you’re working so *incredibly* hard to attain; the success that doesn’t just define your business— it defines who YOU are. And while the traditional prospecting tactics of the 1980s aren’t the worst thing in the world? They represent the you-in-training
 NOT the you who has arrived.

After all, you HAVE been able to survive somewhat in your biz thus far (otherwise you probably wouldn’t be reading this.)

 This is about more than surviving. It’s about THRIVING.

What would it feel like to thrive in your life & business, knowing that you didn’t have to worry whether your next paycheck was going to be enough? What would it feel like to know that when you and your spouse go on date night, the check is covered with the extra money you’re making in your biz? What would it feel like to be able to take your family to Disneyland *or even Graceland, if that’s what you fancy?  What would it feel like to know all your efforts and hard work are paying off without you having to DO MORE?

 I’m here to tell you that all of this is possible.
And this is where Rock Your Biz on Instagram comes in.

 Isn’t it time for your prospects to:




Enter ME, stage right.

I’m Charity Nicole, THE Instagram Rockstar…

AKA YOUR new #BizBestie.

I’m here to show you how I was able to create an awesome income in my direct sales business using Instagram as my primary method of signing up new people. (AND of course– how YOU can, too!)

I realized that all the network marketing, MLM & direct sales companies out there aren’t teaching their reps the RIGHT way to use social media to build their businesses
 so I do.

I realized that most companies don’t teach their reps how to close prospects using social media
 so I do.

I realized that most companies don’t show you how to grow your business in your sleep
 so I do.

Basically? I help direct sales reps earn even more residual income using INSTAGRAM so YOU can be in charge of your future, create the paycheck of your dreams & make the legacy you’re dreaming of a reality.

 Let’s LOCK ARMS on your biz journey and get #InstaHappyRich together!

Let’s make social media FUN again (instead of time-sucking) and run our businesses with grace, sparkle and integrity!

Instagram is the absolute BEST platform to meet the strangers that will help your business thrive. And if you don’t learn Instagram? You’re not just missing the boat— you’re missing out on the mega cruise ship of a lifetime. 

 Inside Rock Your Biz on Instagram, here’s what awaits you:

A step-by-step system for learning how to prospect successfully using Instagram which will drastically improve your results because it will show you how to reach people effectively– the RIGHT people that will LOVE you and want to do business with you!

6 powerful sparkle steps with my personal guidance coaching you every step of the way which is totally stellar for you because it outlines exactly what you’ll need to do in your business so you’re never left wondering if something will work… AND built-in time to implement what you’re learning each week.

My top-secret Marketing Without Manipulationℱ method which will help you because you’ll see how you can run your business with grace, integrity, FUN and success and never drive yourself crazy again… as well as support and encouragement from other direct sales gals JUST LIKE YOU in our online community!

The support of someone who has been implementing these powerful methods since 2013
 (and a social media maven myself since 2005!) and I am ready to share with you all these amazing strategies that I’ve tested and used myself. I’m totally dumping out my brain so you can learn how to achieve the success I saw getting sales easily using this delicious platform.

Your enrollment includes:

Sparkle Step 1:
Become a Social Media Maven {Value: $297}

This right here is THE foundation on which everything else you do rests– if you DON’T have these in place, your marketing will be scattered and feel exhausting… I’m giving you the road map to success in this Sparkle Step where you’ll dig into WHY Instagram is the new Facebook & how you can leverage this magical platform even BETTER than ANYTHING else to run your business.

You’ll be able to:

  • Craft your personal, awe-inspiring story so potential customers & teammates will resonate with you
  • See how easy & fast it is to grow your business using Instagram and get over the dreaded fear of selling
  • Embrace the NEW algorithm & know why “duplication” = death to your biz
  • Properly set up your Instagram account for SUCCESS
  • Hold the key to winning over the hearts of your audience

Complimentary BONUS! 

 *Your Hero’s Journey: Craft Your Story Glitter Guide

Sparkle Step 2:
Become a Prospect Princess {Value: $297}

Get ready for your CONTENT CRASHCOURSE! I’m giving you the magic elixir here: the perfect combo of posting stuff that feels true to your edge AND also appeals to your audience. This Sparkle Step will not only delve deep into finding sweet content ideas but also will have continually updated “sparkle files” of ideas that will help you in a pinch. This is something I’ve never seen done by anyone else in a program, so I dug deep and thought: “If I was me moving through this program, what would absolutely BLOW ME AWAY and give me the solution to my problems?” And the answer is: THESE SECRET SPARKLE FILES.

You’ll be able to:

  • Post magazine-style content that your audience will devour (AND you won’t need to be on social media 24/7 to get their attention!)
  • Pick your ideal audience’s brain to create what they’re craving
  • Post what feels GOOD to YOU as well as your ideal prospect so you aren’t simply screaming for likes, but creating CHANGE instead
  • Laser focus on other rockstar entrepreneurs you want in your biz
  • Get clear on WHO you are serving and thus whom you are creating content for
  • Become the person your prospects have been waiting for

Complimentary BONUSES!

*Be a Prospect Princess Glitter Guide

*Make it Shimmer Glitter Guide

Sparkle Step 3:
Become #InstaFamous {Value: $297}

You want engagement? I’ll SHOW YA engagement! 😉 Not only do we want people caring about your posts, BUT we want to obviously generate more numbers in your notifications box ANNDD your paycheck. #AmIRight?! Let’s get LOADS of new followers coming to your profile every single day to check out what you have to offer!

You’ll be able to:

  • Thrive inside the new algorithm
  • See ACTUAL CUSTOMERS liking and commenting on your stuff instead of just other distributors
  • Set short-term goals to track how more followers = more money
  • Keep the followers you have obsessed with you & your posts
  • Use unique, specialized hashtags that will captivate your potential customers from the start

Complimentary BONUSES!

*#InstaFamous: Track Your Stardom Glitter Guide

*Competitor Crush Glitter Guide

Sparkle Step 4:
Clone Yourself {Value: $297}

Here in this Sparkle Step, you are going to learn what I believe to be one of the most important keys to true freedom: maximizing your time! We are going to SAVE you mega-tons of energy using systems to help you be in multiple places at once it would seem
 without breaking any rules! We’re going to concentrate on running all your marketing in just a few hours a week TOTAL so you can concentrate on the other important part: signing the people up and getting them started right.

You’ll be able to:

  • Automatically schedule posts at the absolute best time of day (it’s different for everyone!)
  • Keep your profile popular 
  • Set up the ultimate strategy to bring in followers galore using my Marketing without Manipulationℱ method {Example: 30 minutes for me = 35 followers. #Amazing}
  • Brilliantly love up your audience without tons of effort
  • Choose an Instagram theme, then map, batch & bang it out!

Complimentary BONUS!

*Choose Your Own Instaventure Glitter Guide

Sparkle Step 5:
Become a Signup Siren {Value: $297}

Once you have loads of peeps coming to your profile from everything you’ve learned + implemented so far, you have to know how to actually sign them up! These steps will set you apart from the sea of other direct sellers out there. Your prospects will be able to sense your dedication and sincerity, so they ONLY choose you! You’ll also learn about how to create charming captions that will make your audience swoon + drool over your offers. You’ll know exactly the kind of words that will make people FEEL something toward what you have to offer so you can touch their soul, reel in the sale and help them get the result they’re dreaming of!

You’ll be able to:

  • Keep in contact with your red-hot prospects easily
  • Direct them to a customized place to contact you (HINT: it’s NOT your generic company website)
  • Use my “yellow brick road” method to help your prospects take action FAST
  • Stand out as a LEADER amongst the sea of other reps in your company

Complimentary BONUSES!

*Conquer Those Conversions Glitter Guide

*Conversation Queen Glitter Guide

Sparkle Step 6:
WINstagram: Become #InstaHappyRich {Value: $297}

Now that you have people coming to you every day, step up your game with winning power strategies! You will be leaps & bounds ahead of ALL the other direct sellers. Here in this last Sparkle Step, we’re gonna wrap up with some extra tidbits you can add to your Instagram marketing now that you have all the main systems down. We’re gonna chat about contests: how to use them, what rules you need to set and how to use various analytics systems to know what’s working for you and other little sprinklings of Insta-awesomeness.

You’ll be able to:

  • Get people to refer you to their friends
  • Manage your Instagram in 20 minutes a day or less 
  • Know exactly what to do every day to grow your biz on autopilot
  • Keep people coming back to you

Complimentary BONUSES!

*Classy Contests Glitter Guide

*Work-Smart Cookie Glitter Guide

 PLUS these special BONUSES because I LOVE you:

Photo Queen (of Hearts) {Value: $197}

Instagram Graphic Creation Class

  • Wanna STAND OUT from the sea of other reps in your industry?
  • Wanna be a force of UNIQUE, creative inspiration on Instagram?
  • Wanna be the one potential customers CHOOSE?

Here’s how you’re gonna do it: by creating lustrous eye-candy that NO ONE else has, in your OWN style and your OWN voice. That, my friend, is what will make YOU different than anyone else doing what you do.  After all, if you aren‘t UNIQUE, then what’s going to make them want to buy from you? And guess what? No Photoshop required!

Video Made the Instagram Star {Value: $197}

Video Editing Class

  • Build that super FUN connection face-to-face with your prospects
  • Be the one they can’t forget about
  • Spark the love by becoming their new Insta Bestie

This class will greatly increase your results because you’ll be able to learn how to use video in your posts to help your prospects get to know you better, in turn, helping them make the decision to work with you.

Wanna know the CHERRY on top?

You’ll gain IMMEDIATE access to ME in the #InstaHappyRich: Private Rockstar Community {Value: priceless}

  • Q & A anytime with me

  • Extra tidbits to help you build your biz on Instagram

  • Access to other direct sellers to play + mastermind with

Let me help you move through the material without confusion or headache starting from DAY ONE! Ask any Q about the material you need to and I’ll be there to help! You’ll ALSO gain new friends in the form of your #BizBestie mastermind inside the community of other entrepreneurs just like you. This gives you the environment AND accountability to IMPLEMENT what you’re learning in the Rock Your Biz on Instagram Program with MY personalized guidance. The best part? You’re never alone. We’re all in this together!

…ALL of THIS? For real?


Lemme give you a quick rundown of EVERYTHING you’re gaining by joining us!

1. ALL the Sparkle Steps ($1782 VALUE!)

2. BONUS: Instagram Photo Class!  ($197 VALUE!)

3. BONUS: Instagram Video Class!  ($197 VALUE!)

4. Sparkle Files for endless content ideas ($97 VALUE!)

5. Your Hero’s Journey: Craft Your Story Glitter Guide ($47 VALUE!)

6. Be a Prospect Princess Glitter Guide ($47 VALUE!)

7. Make It Shimmer Glitter Guide ($47 VALUE!)

8. #InstaFamous: Track Your Stardom Glitter Guide ($47 VALUE!)

9. Competitor Crush Glitter Guide ($47 VALUE!)

10. Choose Your Own Instaventure Glitter Guide ($47 VALUE!)

11. Conquer Those Conversions Glitter Guide ($47 VALUE!)

12. Conversation Queen Glitter Guide ($47 VALUE!)

13. Classy Contests Glitter Guide ($47 VALUE!)

14. Work-Smart Cookie Glitter Guide ($47 VALUE!)

15. Complete VIP access to me in our #InstaHappyRich private Facebook Group  ($1000 VALUE!)

Total value: $3743!

It’s an absolutely incredible amount of training, inspiration, sparkle and attention.

You aren’t going to pay anywhere near that today, though.

You’re not even going to pay HALF of that, which is $1871.

You aren’t even going to pay $1500 or $1200.

 When you join Rock Your Biz on Instagram today, your TOTAL investment is MUCH LOWER.

 Here’s how the program works:

The content will be delivered in savory, bite-sized chunks to AVOID overwhelm. There is A LOT of content in this program and I want to provide you with the most stellar experience possible. So, every week, you’ll receive access to a new Sparkle Step delivered to your inbox.

The Bonus Photo Class will be available right away to go with Sparkle Step 1; the Bonus Video Class will be available after week 2 when you learn about content.

After checkout, you’ll receive access to the special Members Area and Sparkle Step 1 so you can begin immediately.

Anytime you’re moving through the material and have a Q, pop into our special members only FB group and ask! I’ll get back to you within a timely manner and you’ll also receive feedback from the other members of the group if applicable. (They’re an uber helpful bunch!)

 Who this program is for and NOT for:

We have a solid community of FUN, like-minded entrepreneurs and we all support each other. If you are down with that and are willing to work to improve your business every week, come on in! We’d love to welcome you!

However, if you are a whining, complaining, negative person looking to tear other people down OR if you are not willing to put in the work to change your life, please DO NOT enroll in this program. I guarantee you that buying a program and NOT implementing what you learn is going to keep you stuck even longer in overwhelm. That is NOT what we want here! You deserve MORE than that!

 Check out some of my #Instamazing students!

“Honestly, I wasn’t sure Instagram COULD be taught as well as it has in this program. Before I started Rock Your Biz on Instagram I had about 300 followers, mostly ghost followers. I was receiving no engagement or interest and putting up spammy posts without realizing I was working social media wrong. After gaining a further understanding of how to use Instagram properly, I have completely fallen in LOVE with the platform. I now have over 9000 active, engaged followers. I receive 15+ DMs a day from potential customers and team members. I have not had to cold message ANYONE. I have gone from $0 in commission each month to actually being able to work from home with a matching income!”

~ Sarah Pfeiffer, Beauty Guide at Limelight by Alcone

“My IG following has increased DRAMATICALLY since I started the program. I started at about 400 and now have over 4000 in just 6 months! Charity walked through everything step-by-step so it was easy to implement, even as a beginner. I’ve become more confident in my posting now and the way I run my feed. I’ve also acquired the skills to research instead of just being random. Rock Your Biz on Instagram contains quality information & NOT just fluff! It’s the first program I purchased that ACTUALLY gave me what I needed to implement. Very easy to follow and goes at a good pace. A lot of programs give redundant information that doesn’t really add any value, but THIS program gives SO MUCH BANG for the buck!”

~ Rhonda Brzozowiec, Wrapreneur at It Works! Global

Let’s GO, Glitterbug!

 Who is Charity Nicole? 

♄ Drummer chick. ♄ Star Wars girl. ♄ Avid reader. ♄ Amateur vegan chef. ♄ Wife to Josh. ♄ Crunchy mom to Valor Anakin Skywalker. (told you.) ♄ Lover of ’80s movies, ’90s shows and all things new wave.

Hello Glitterbug! I’m Charity Nicole, THE Instagram Rockstar. I want you to know that I’ve been where you are now
 I was SICK and TIRED. Are you sick, tired, frustrated & overwhelmed in your business? I’m guessing you are and that’s why you’re checking out this page.

Being in business for yourself is NOT easy & anyone who tells you it is is blowing smoke because let me tell you: it takes a STRONG person to be an entrepreneur. We have to face challenges like no other. It’s hard enough when you feel like none of your friends or family want to join your team, but secretly you feel like they’re all ridiculing you just waiting for you to fail.

I was determined NOT to fail. I was GOING to win. I was watching all these people in my company go to these astronomical ranks within months and it made me sick and mad. I wasn’t jealous or wishing ill upon these people. Hey, more power to them! BUT I was angry that it wasn’t me! I felt like I was missing out. I knew I was meant for bigger things and I didn’t understand why no one was telling me the real secret to success in my business. So I made it my mission over the last few years to figure out all these secrets

I dug deep and found out that a lot of the top network marketers use Instagram to build their businesses. I started implementing the secrets about Instagram I had learned and in a short while, I was meeting AWESOME people on Instagram that connected with me, loved my posts and soon enough even became customers and teammates. It was SO exciting!

So you might wonder why I don’t really focus on building my direct sales biz anymore. Well, as soon as I realized that social media coaching was like, a THING, I knew that’s what I truly wanted to do with my life. But I didn’t feel right just deciding and then going to do it. I was very intentional about where I spent my time & the books I read, the classes I purchased to learn this stuff
 but I never purchased an Instagram class. First of all, I don’t think any existed when I started learning and secondly, I haven’t found anyone to date who teaches the stuff that I do every day on Instagram and what I teach all my students. 

I’m so very passionate about helping others like yourself avoid the pain I felt for so long trying to make it. I can’t tell you how many times I would try to take the day off, but I had 5 people wanting to talk to me about my products! How would it make you feel to know that people are desperately waiting to talk to you, blowing up your inbox about your business?

My upline told me that I had more customers than anybody in my city & the highest closing rate she had ever seen for customers because of the way I learned to talk to people. Not only am I a network marketing professional, but I am an Instagram expert and I also know how to build an online business with internet marketing— so I am offering you a 3-pronged holistic approach: three separate things coming into one major blanket of awesomeness in this program!

I’m guessing you are here reading this because you need a change. You are sick of running on the hamster wheel and you’re seeing a spark of hope in using Instagram for your business from what I’m telling you. I know that you want to make money in your business. I know you want to change lives. I know you love your products. But I also know what it’s like to feel stuck. And I want you to know that I understand what that’s like and I’m here to help you. I am not going to hold back any information or secrets from you. I don’t roll like that. You can do this. It is possible.

I am here to teach you how to get a constant stream of leads coming to you EVERY day through Instagram so you don’t have to waste time and energy running around giving out biz cards or trying to figure out Facebook. This IS the fastest, easiest, cheapest way for you to build your business BAR NONE. How much MONEY will you miss out on if you don’t learn this stuff NOW? How much time will you waste doing mundane tasks over and over with no real result? How many people will end up on someone else’s team simply because they got there first. It could have been YOU. Please don’t miss the boat on this. Please don’t wait another day to start bringing in new leads every day on Instagram

“You are THE Insta expert. You don’t spam. You get leads & sales. You are real, authentic and trustworthy and it shines through. Charity Nicole, you are #InstaAwesome!”

~ Petra Foster, High-Ticket Sales Strategist

 Why is #InstaHappyRich the sparkle school for you?

As you learn how to post the kinds of things your audience is craving to see, write the kind of captions that will reel them in, and put the joy back into your business by using social media instead of IT using YOU, you’ll grow your biz steadily + consistently over time.

I can help YOU:

  • get new prospects coming to you every month so you have a steady stream of leads & sales coming in all the time
  • grow your paycheck without having to try so hard (who wouldn’t want that?)
  • greatly improve your social media presence so you stand out as a leader among the ocean of other reps in your company
  • improve your confidence when talking to new people about your biz so they want to join you
  • feel proud of this business legacy you’re building for your family (because you deserve so much more than feeling discouraged or disheartened about your future)
  • finally feel successful so people will take you AND your business seriously
  • start becoming more & more free from the bonds of a soul-crushing 9-5 job that doesn’t truly fulfill you so you can focus on what’s really important to you
  • get closer to freeing your spouse from a job that really doesn’t pay that much considering all the time he spends away from you (and your kids)
  • be able to attract more suitable prospects every day that WANT your help to change their lives & get results
  • finally enjoy working your business without fear that the paycheck might not be enough to cover that electricity bill or the mortgage
  • be a woman of influence so that over time, you’ll grow more and more successful
  • feel secure knowing that your biz will help provide for you and your family’s needs
  • feel confident in know-how, knowledge and business wisdom to attract and keep new people signing up
  • feel the peace & satisfaction knowing that you’re equipped with exactly the skills you need to make this freedom life happen

Ready to say “I DO!”? Enroll in the program RIGHT NOW!

YES, PLEASE! I need this more than CHOCOLATE!

You’ll become an Instagram Rockstar who knows THE RIGHT kind of people to connect with so you can grow your team, your customer base AND your paycheck.

Still have Q’s? I have answers.

  • “How long does the program last? Will I only have access for 6 weeks?”
    Check it out: you TOTALLY have lifetime access to the material and group. How exciting is that?! But the program is MEANT to be completed over the course of 6 weeks to truly understand, absorb and implement for lasting results.
  • “What’s your refund policy?”
    Please know that I put out Neiman Marcus quality stuff, and I KNOW that you’re gonna be over-the-moon happy with your enrollment, however, if something doesn’t float your boat, you may request a refund within 14 days by writing to Charity [at] CharityNicole.me. <3
  • “Will I be able to get help or ask questions about the material and action plans?”
    Yes, ABSOLUTELY! Anytime, pop into our private members-only Facebook group and ask away. I’m here for you and questions are answered within a reasonable time frame.
  • “What if I don’t have TIME to learn a new social media platform?”
    Listen, I know learning a new social media platform can be totally exhausting to think about. Learning a new skill is always going to take some time, but if you quit handing out coupons, HOPING someone will book a party with you and focus on learning this stuff INSTEAD, you’ll actually SAVE time!
  • “Well, isn’t Facebook enough?”
    No, it isn’t. You have fierce competition fighting to be seen on Facebook as well as a hefty learning curve/ad budget should you go that route.
  • “Do people really buy stuff from people they met on Instagram?”
    You bet your booty they do. I would sit in my bathtub at midnight closing sales from customers time and time again on Instagram. I know they do!
  • “Can I really grow my following like you?”
    Yes, yes, and yes! It’s not as hard as you think! You just have to be consistent and learn the secrets I teach about in the program.
  • “There are already SO MANY people in my company on Instagram.”
    That may be true. I really do understand where you’re coming from. But I want you to look around. How many of them are TRULY unique in what they’re offering? They might be in the exact same company as you, but when YOU are in alignment with your purpose and posting on Instagram about things that are unique to you and YOUR ideal audience that I’m gonna help you get in touch with, you have NO competition.
  • “I really WANT to enroll in the program, but I don’t have the money.”
    Hey, I GET IT. I really do. My husband and I lived paycheck to paycheck for a LONG time. I can tell you that I wanted a program about marketing a while ago that was out of my price range and I wanted it so badly it was all I thought about because I KNEW it would take me to the next level. I couldn’t afford to get it right away, but I saved up for 3 months any extra we ended up earning so I could afford it. And let me tell you, it was a TOTAL game changer. It literally changed my life. And I KNOW that is what this program will do for you. If you don’t have the money right now, you have to draw a line in the sand and think about this: what will change if YOU stay the same? What will change if you don’t improve your skill set? What will change if you don’t increase your knowledge? Nothing. Do whatever you can to change your situation for the better. This program CAN help you.


You have 3 levels to choose from, darling!


Rock Your Biz on Instagram V.I.P.

  • ALL Course Materials
  • Sparkly Student Sisterhood Mastermind Group
  • Lifetime Access + Updates
  • BONUS: Instagram Graphic Creation Class
  • BONUS: Instagram Video Creation Class
  • plus my PERSONAL help tweaking your bio + reviewing your profile


Rock Your Biz on Instagram PLUS

  • ALL Course Materials
  • Sparkly Student Sisterhood Mastermind Group
  • Lifetime Access + Updates
  • BONUS: Instagram Graphic Creation Class
  • BONUS: Instagram Video Creation Class


Rock Your Biz on Instagram Basic

  • ALL Course Materials
  • Lifetime Access + Updates
  • BONUS: Instagram Graphic Creation Class
  • BONUS: Instagram Video Creation Class

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