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Would you like to get more sales, customers & signups this year? These templates will help you!

If you’re a network marketer or direct seller, can we talk?

You need sales.

You need customers.

You need signups and people joining your team.

Am I right?

Well, the great news is: there’s a simple way to get those things, right here at your fingertips.

After working with hundreds of direct sellers and network marketers just like yourself over the years, I’ve noticed something…

Most direct sellers LOVE their products and they LOVE helping people and they wanna change lives… but they have a really hard time communicating all that effectively so people actually WANT to sign up with them.

It’s not that you aren’t trying hard enough in your business; it’s that you just need the right words to communicate in a way that’ll make your prospects say YESSSSS. (But nobody is actually GIVING you the right words.)

Today, all that changes.

When you don’t have the right words, drawing in the attention of your prospects and making them wanna hit the buy button? It’s like throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping something sticks.

You become THAT girl: the one driving people crazy because she’s become a walking advertisement for some weird company. And people just start ignoring you. 

Maybe they already are…

Thankfully, we can fix that problem and command the RIGHT kind of attention from the RIGHT people who will LOVE your promo posts and WANT to do business with you.

You can hit your signup goals left and right. You can climb the ranks. You can be respected and admired among the reps in your company. And you can be appreciated by your customers.

Getting customers and signups is easier than you think and really, doesn’t require you to have a highfalutin jet-setting lifestyle, or some magical sales powers.

Really what people are looking for is someone they can know, like and trust with their money.

The way you communicate that you’re knowable, likable and trustable? Is by using the right kind of words in a basic structure on your posts and by adding your own special sparkle to them, thereby making you irresistible to your prospects.

Let’s say you’re trying to tell a prospect all about how cool your product is. For the sake of this example, let’s say it’s a weight loss product.

Common sense (and your company) tells you to state all the features and benefits of your product and it will “sell itself!”

And sometimes that works. You can hope to grab someone’s attention. Everybody catches a fish once in a while if they try hard enough. However, I’m betting you want to get sales MORE than “every-once-in-a-while.”

When you post the kind of descriptions about your products you see your company putting in catalogs? You repel people on social media.

Your prospects aren’t reading a catalog. They’re on social media, wanting to be entertained, inspired and possibly motivated.

If you only ever post captions about your products like they came out of your company catalog? People will unfollow you, unfriend you and start tuning you out completely.


When you start selling to them in a way that matches the entertaining, inspiring, motivating vibe? You are SET and you’ll get notifications on your phone like crazy from people who want to buy from YOU.

What if you had a set of captions to post that grab attention on social media, already written for you that do MORE than get you a sale “every-once-in-a-while?”

What if you got attention, sales and signups consistently and regularly?

That’s the difference between putting up posts about how your weight loss product “detoxes and cleanses and gives you energy” versus showing someone a picture of how hot they’ll be and how sexy they’ll feel and how their whole outlook will change when they use your product.

I’m about to show you a simple solution for posting the latter.

You want more customers? More sales? More signups?

You’ve got to use the RIGHT words in the RIGHT way. All of them.

And I’ve put together templates that will help you do that, fast. But first…

A little about me and how I can help you…

You may already know who I am, but just in case you don’t? I’m gonna give you a short run down on how I sold stuff using these kinds of words and templates and therefore, you’ll see that if it worked for me? It’s bound to work for you, too.

I’m Charity Nicole, THE Instagram Rockstar, your BizBestie and Social Selling Support Sister.

I want you to know that I’ve been where you may be right now… Are you feeling sick, tired, frustrated & overwhelmed in your business? Or maybe you feel okay about things, BUT, when it comes to getting sales from your posts on social, things are little laggy…

That’s understandable… Despite the perception that a lot of business owners give about getting sales through social media, it’s simply not inbred and intuitive for most people to know what to post in order to generate interest.

This whole entrepreneur life is like getting a crash-course you didn’t expect.

You actually have to LEARN marketing and what makes people tick. And when you learn what makes people tick? You can present your products and opportunity in ways that’ll make your prospects say, “Yasssss!”

Being in business for yourself is NOT easy. And anyone who tells you it is? Is blowing smoke up your rear because let me tell you, it takes a STRONG person to be an entrepreneur. We have to face challenges like no other.

It’s hard enough when you feel like none of your friends or family want to join your team, but you may also secretly feel like they might even be ridiculing you, just waiting for you to fail, so they can say “I told you so.” Well, that’s NOT what’s gonna happen to you, my friend.

I felt that way myself for the longest time. But, I was determined NOT to fail. I was GOING to win.

I was watching all these people in my company go to these astronomical ranks within MONTHS and it made me sick and mad. They came out of nowhere and I was scratching my head, thinking, “What? I’ve been with the company SO MUCH LONGER! Why am I not getting these results?” I wasn’t jealous or wishing ill upon these people. Hey, more power to them! BUT I was angry that it wasn’t me!

I felt like I was missing out.

It wasn’t until I started using the secrets and strategies and templates I’m about to show you that I started bringing in customers and teammates month after month on the regs…

I dug deep and found out that a lot of the top network marketers & direct sellers STRICTLY use Instagram and other forms of social media to build their businesses.

Now, notice the difference: one can BE on social media and promoting their products all day long, but there is clearly a HUGE difference between a direct seller putting up a random post, crossing their fingers, hoping someone buys from them…

Versus putting up a skilled, strategic post that interests a prospect, gives THEM something to hope for and makes them hit the buy button. 

I’m gonna help you post the kinds of promos that WORK.

This thing I’m about to share with you is not JUST a file full of templates. (It is that, yes, but it’s MUCH more.) It’s also a guide. Not only am I gonna give you the straight-up captions that WORK and cause people to say YES to your products, but I also sprinkled tips in there so you can start crafting these captions from scratch yourself!

How cool is that?

See, when I started implementing the REAL secrets and social media strategies the top earners employ, I started meeting AWESOME people on Instagram every single day that connected with me, loved my posts and soon enough even became customers and teammates. It was SO exciting! I hit my goals consistently month after month using these methods and captions.

While writing comes naturally to me, we all have different skill sets that can be used for marketing our businesses. For me, it’s not terribly hard to sit down and bang out a few long paragraphs about my product and get sales. But think about this- even if YOUR particular talent is for video or live-streaming or something else, these captions I’m giving you will STILL help you because you can use them as outlines or word-for-word scripts for your videos! ?

I believe you deserve IT ALL…

You deserve to feel empowered about your business, your future and your abilities.

After I started putting up posts with captions like the ones in this template file I’m gonna show you, there were SO MANY times I would try to take the day off, but I had 5 people wanting to talk to me about my products!

How would it make YOU feel to know that people are desperately waiting to talk to you, blowing up your inbox about your business? 

That is the kind of heart-pumping excitement these captions can give you.

This caption file will absolutely give you everything you need to put up promo posts that will entice and delight your prospects.

If I can achieve fabulous results? YOU can achieve fabulous results.

My upline told me that I had more customers than anybody in my city & the highest closing rate she had ever seen for signing customers because of the way I learned to talk to people. And that’s exactly what you’ll do with these captions for YOUR posts.

Introducing Cash Captions: Fill-in-the-Blank Social Media Templates to Help You Sell Your Stuff!

Getting consistent signups by posting on social media has never been easier.

Cash Captions has absolutely everything you need to quickly and easily take a pre-made caption, fill in the spots that specifically apply to your biz and product, then post it on social media to generate more sales and signups.

Since 2015, I’ve helped hundreds of direct sellers like you:

  • Get more sales consistently using Instagram and other social media (instead of doing home parties and vendor events)
  • Get more signups (and work with other awesome teammates to build steady, residual income)
  • Get more referrals and thus, higher paychecks because their social media presence is stellar

These fill-in-the-blank captions are based on EXACTLY what I did in my direct sales business and what I STILL do to this day to gather attention, interest and actual customers… They’re real-world tested and ready to start working for you.

Take a look at what you’ll be getting when you download Cash Captions today.

55 Ready-To-Go Templates and Captions That Make Your Marketing So Much Easier

17 Generalized, Fill-In-The-Blank Templates

Fabulous captions to go along with your picture posts get people to notice you, read the whole post, and buy from you or sign up with you. You’ll get 17 market-proven caption templates – with examples – so that your posts get the attention they deserve. (You can use these also as scripts for video posts or outlines for livestream promos!) If you’re sitting there, wishing and praying for people to actually pay attention to your posts? You’ll LOVE this.

38 Industry/Niche Specific Captions Completely DONE for you!

If you’re struggling with exactly what words to even fill in the blanks? NO worries! These captions are your answer for swipe-n-go posts. Find one that matches your product type and go go go! Say goodbye to decision fatigue and pressure to find the right words. You’ll have months of posts ready at your fingertips.

And, SCORE! BONUS alert! Check it out:

Promo Post 101: Detailed Advice for How to Write Every Promo Post You’ll Ever Need

We’ve all been there- that scratching your head moment when you’re like, “What in the WORLD should I say in this post? I guess I’ll just copy my upline.” After learning about the mechanics of a proper promo post in this all in one easy-to-reference PDF, you’ll know exactly what to say to reel your prospects in and get the sale.

If you’re serious about growing your direct sales business? There’s every reason in the world you need to get your hands on these captions.

With Cash Captions, here’s what you can do:

  • boost your sales by creating captions that make your prospects swoon and salivate over your product
  • increase your prospect’s confidence that you are the right rep to buy from by building rapport in your promo posts
  • post about your products in a blissful way, with integrity, grace and ease
  • get people enjoying your promo posts. That’s right. They’ll be having FUN while you’re selling to them. #what
  • gain more signups from social media without feeling overwhelmed by the marketing process… The sales captions are already done for you!
  • lock eyes onto your posts with a complete walkthrough of all the key elements of a perfect promo

Do any of these descrips fit you?

If you want to get more signups after a slump… Maybe you’ve been treading water in your biz for a while. These captions can help you. You’ll have proven templates to work from so getting more signups from your promo posts is intuitive and easy.

If you’re just beginning your biz… These captions are absolutely the ticket for you. Not only will you be able to pick and choose which captions work best for you? But you’ll know all the inside tricks to start writing the promo posts from scratch yourself.

If you’re confused about what REALLY works to get signups… If your habit is checking out what the top earners are doing or what your upline is posting, you’re not really getting the full picture. That method only gets you so far because you don’t know every technique is ACTUALLY working and you could be copying a dud. I’ve made tens of thousands of dollars using these Cash Captions and I will ONLY show you what works.

If you’re a seasoned pro… These captions will make life so much easier for you. You’ll find templates that help you put your promo posts up simply, easily and without the stress.

If you’re afraid of looking too salesy… So many “experts” out there tell you not to spam people but no one really tells you what to post instead besides “good content.” “Umm, okay but like, how?” you wonder. These templates will show you exactly how and what to post in a fun way without being aggressive, pushy or gross.

How much faster would you bring in that cherished residual income by signing up more customers and teammates if you finally KNEW just what to post in your promos?

There are many reasons your biz isn’t growing as fast as you think it should.

But the one thing that you can change right now, TODAY is posting promo captions that are enticing, straightforward and exciting (without having to spend tons of time or energy writing them.)

Each of these templates and fill-in-the-blank captions give you specific instructions on what to do, how to do it (and why it works) – so you can simply plug and play your biz/product details into posts that get RESULTS.

If you want to get more sales, generate more signups and skyrocket your paycheck, these captions can help you do it.

You can use these captions to write all the promo posts you’ll ever need…

You can put up post after post, knowing exactly what to put in every single one…

You can revamp your whole promotion strategy to make your followers see you as the the ONLY REP they wanna buy from…

You can boost your sales, increase signups and make new followers adore you even when you’re selling to them…

But first you have to get your hands on these templates.

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Now, it’s on like Donkey Kong. Start using the captions and templates today! I know you’re going to emphatically and gleefully love them.

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