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Would you like to get your first 6k Instagram followers that will love you, buy from you and join you without spending oodles of time, energy or brainpower?!

If you’re a network marketer or direct seller, can we talk?

Do YOU feel…?

    • Frustrated that you’re putting SO MUCH time & energy into your business without a lot of sales to show for it?
    • Like you’d be interested in using a platform like Instagram to get MORE prospects coming your way EVERY SINGLE DAY?
    • Like you’d LOVE to know the “inner secrets” and foundations every successful rep uses to build a loyal following so you can FINALLY have one for YOURSELF?


“IG Crash Course: Get Your First 6k Instagram Followers!” is JUST what the doctor ordered. You’ll follow the same strategy + plan to gain your first 6,000 Instagram followers the exact way I did.

How would you like to get signups & sales for your business ENJOYING yourself on the easiest-to-use platform everyone’s talking about… Instagram?!

This highly-sought-after training will show you WHY Instagram is soon going to be your BIGGEST business powerhouse so you can:

  • make new friends (sign up ALLLL the PROSPECTS!)
  • create awesome content (become the GO-TO girl for your company!)
  • make moolah sharing your products/opportunity (SELL your stuff!)

I’m going to give you my EXACT Instamazing strategy + plan for HOW to do all of this!

(I know it works. Because it’s literally what I did to get here.)

You want more customers? More sales? More signups?

You’ve got to start with the RIGHT strategy, the RIGHT principles and the RIGHT mindset in place. Yep, all of them. And I’ve put together this incredible training that will help you do that, fast.

But first, take a look at my street cred so you know what you’ll be able to do yourself!

A little about me and how I can help you…

I remember what it felt like when I had zero influence, lackluster sales and a pretty non-existent following. It was de-motivating, jealousy-inducing and exhausting.

It seemed like people who had thousands of followers had some kind of ninja voodoo direct sales magic that I just didn’t possess. 

Thankfully, I finally figured it out.

Now, I have arrived… and YOU are about to do the same.

Yes, NOW having tens of thousands of followers at my fingertips, clamoring with adoration on my posts is exciting, fulfilling and makes me smile so big my face muscles hurt. However…

It’s not enough to have a few thousand followers and become InstaFamous, right? Who cares if you are popular, but still broke? It’s about connecting with the RIGHT people on your profile so that you can leverage your account to put your best face forward and create more income having fun with this awesome platform.

If anyone deserves to live the glory life in their biz? It’s YOU. So what are you waiting for? 

Dive in to IG Crash Course: Get Your First 6k Instagram Followers! today and bring in MORE friends, MORE followers and MORE funds. $$$

What would you do if you got your first 6k followers and just 5% of them actually joined your business?

That’s 300 new signups.

This year, THAT could be yours.

Put this in the proper perspective, please: You see, in my previous company, the very top rank only required 250 teammates to make approximately $30k per month. Yeah.

You can DO this.

It’s really NOT as hard as you THINK to get this many people following you, loving you, working with you!

Imagine a business run entirely via the power of Instagram.

No more:

  • pounding the pavement to meet new prospects in person 
  • missing out on time with your family to do yet another home party no one ends up coming to
  • setting up for vendor events that are never worth the headache, stress and physical strain that comes from lugging all your gear around

Here’s what you’ll get instead from this training:

  1. A SOLID game plan for how to use Instagram and be 100% comfy diving in
  2. A PROVEN strategy to set up your account, post compelling content and find fanatical followers
  3. An EASY path to rinse + repeat your way to 6k followers (in just minutes a day! No muss, no fuss!)

Warning! Be prepared to have LOADS of new prospect inquiries coming to your inbox every single day!

The Nitty-Gritty Details of Exactly What You’re Getting with This Training:

7 Easy-to-Follow, Watch and Implement Videos

…that’ll show you the quickest way to your first 6k followers! 

Each video is less than 15 minutes because I know you’re gonna be revving and raring to go when you see how SIMPLE and FUN all this is!

7 Beautifully-Designed PDF Transcripts

…to read at your leisure so you’re completely covered in all ways of learning!

7 Quick, Simple Action Steps

…placed with each video so you’re never left wondering what to do next!

And, SCORE! BONUS alert! Check it out:

Because with all my heart I wanna set you up for success in the sweetest way, I’m giving you these BONUSES for absolutely FREE when you grab this training…

BONUS #1: "Basics of Instagram for Your Biz" Glitter Guide

This PDF Glitter Guide will help you start to post better stuff, get WAY more followers (the right kind, not random peeps from Turkey who don’t speak English because THAT’S useful) and get on the road to turning those followers into customers (unless you WANT to keep begging your friends + family to join you. Yawn.)

BONUS #2: “Basics of Instagram for Your Biz” Extensive Video Training

This 30-Minute Video Training will let you discover the #WINNING secrets to starting out the RIGHT way on Instagram (Huzzah!) You’ll learn the basics so you can begin to attract the RIGHT crowd to your profile. (You’ll be the flame. They’ll be the moths. Not that your prospects are ACTUALLY moths.) Whatever. You get it.

BONUS #3: The SuperBase Vault

Oh, MAN! This is the MAC-DADDY of bonuses. I’m giving you 57 pre-made, done-for-you photo backgrounds to use RIGHT AWAY on Instagram for your posts. All you need to do is download, place your text on there and share away!

BONUS #4: “Your Perfect Pick Me Up” Glitter Guide

This PDF Glitter Guide will give you clarity and confidence on how you can use Instagram (even if you feel you’re not a charismatic superstar!) This is fun and accessible for YOU! You’ll FINALLY start to explode your biz with closely-guarded, expert social media strategies (I’ve been around the block. I got you.)

BONUS #5: Post Ideas for 365 Days of the Year!

Imagine having a spark of inspiration for every single day this year for what to post! Wouldn’t that take SO MUCH WEIGHT off your mind, shoulders (and possibly waist?) Hey, stress is a bummer. And I wanna make posting painless, purposeful and pleasurable for you!

Listen, I’m being 100% transparent and honest with you when I tell you…

A lot of time and effort went into putting this all together; to dissect EXACTLY what I did to generate my OWN 6k followers into a strategy so sweet you’ll want to hug me and kiss me (and others have been willing to pay me a TON of money to get their hands on my strategies and insights.)

Today, though, I’m going to give you a special invitation to get EVERYTHING in this course for a ridiculously low price…

So don’t worry – on this page, right now, you’ll pay A LOT less than you might think…

Before I tell you how little this course actually costs? I want you to know something…

I went back and forth on this pricing— I had people tell me I was CRAZY to price this course so low considering all the value I was giving.

Considering how painful it is to NOT be getting the results you’re craving in your business, you would probably expect to pay $1000 or MORE to learn these secrets and strategies.

But I couldn’t bring myself to charge anywhere near that this time.

My endeavor is to help you (and as many others as possible) receive more money in your business while becoming a force of positive influence.

I don’t just believe in creating content; I believe in creating CHANGE. 

And I know the more people I can reach through this course, the more people YOU can reach through your products and services.

And together, we WILL make this world #InstaHappyRich.

I WISH someone had given me this kind of guidance while I was trudging along, doing home parties, giving out business cards to strangers and making the dreaded follow up calls. (Everyone hates those. You know it; I know it.)

I want to make finding new people to sign up EASY FOR YOU!

No more wearing your company shirt every day around town; no more working yourself to death when all you ever wanted was time and financial freedom.

It’s YOUR time to make posts, get eyes on them, and have followers asking how they can join your biz. 

It would cost $3000/month to have me teach you this one-on-one or do it for you.

But right now, as part of the limited time offer ONLY on this page, you won’t pay $3000.

You won’t pay $1000.

You won’t even pay $500.

Today, with this deal, you can get this exclusive training for direct sellers at ONLY $97 buckaroos.

That’s less than you’re spending at the movies with your ticket, popcorn and drink…

For a LIFETIME’s worth of valuable social media know-how, strategy and most important, a proven path to get your first 6k followers. 

All I ask in return is that when you get results, you share them with me and our #InstaHappyRich family so we can celebrate your awesomeness together and do a happy dance in your honor.

Are you ready to get your first 6k followers, darling?

If you want to get your first 6K followers on Instagram, bring in new prospects every day and FINALLY feel confident with your social strategy, this training will help you do it.

You can use this training to get your first 6K followers (and beyond!) utilizing the EXACT SAME STRATEGY I did…

You can post with power, knowing exactly who to focus on that’ll make getting those signups EASY…

You can revamp (or start!) your whole Instagram account to finally get a confident grasp on how the top earners make it all look SO easy…

But first you have to get your hands on this training.

Get your first 6,000 Instagram followers RIGHT NOW for only $97!

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$97 is all it takes to get your first 6k Instagram followers who will love you, adore you, buy from you, wanna work with you.

You can get IG Crash Course: Get Your First 6k Instagram Followers! right now by clicking the button below.

7 training videos, transcripts and action steps, all designed to get you more customers, sales and signups than you’re getting now… and don’t forget those 5 MACDADDY Bonuses listed up there, babyyyy!

And they come with my personal guarantee:

If by 5 minutes into watching the Training you’re not jazzed with excitement about the future of your fabulous following…

If the videos don’t give you a clear and simple path to tons more followers than what you’re getting now…

If the transcripts don’t make you feel that figuring out what to post for your audience will be easy and painless…

If the BONUSES don’t instantly give you 57 pre-made, done-for-you photo backgrounds to use right away in your posts along with content ideas for 365 days of the year… 

Then hit me up, and I’ll sincerely return your entire purchase price.

Now, it’s on like Donkey Kong. Start using the trainings and bonuses, my dear! I guarantee you’re going to emphatically and gleefully love them.


If IG Crash Course: Get Your First 6k Instagram Followers! isn’t the right fit for you, send me an email within 14 days of purchase and I’ll give you your money back like it’s no prob.  Hakuna matata, no worries!

Get instant access to the training, transcripts and bonuses!

Let’s get you on your way to more customers, sales & signups RIGHT NOW. 

Get your first 6k Instagram followers RIGHT NOW for only $97!

(At checkout, you’ll choose a personalized username + password to access the training in my private Members Area. Then you’ll pay securely through PayPal. You do not need to actually have a PayPal account to purchase this class.)