? How to get paid to be YOU!

? How to get paid to be YOU! Charity Nicole. #InstaHappyRich

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?‍♀️I’ve always loved the idea of getting paid to be… YOU.

If the concept of being an “influencer” sounds completely out-of-reach for you because you don’t think you’re: cool enough, smart enough, funny enough, xyz enough (insert your favorite adjective here)…


You absolutely CAN be an influencer. 

All that means is that people are paying attention to what YOU have to say. ?

It’s not that hard, really. It’s just that:

1. Most people are afraid to put their real thoughts out there for anyone to see in a meaningful way.

2. Most people don’t know how to show the RIGHT parts in the right way to come off endearing, instead of simply polarizing.

? The cool part is you don’t have to do anything you don’t WANT to do!

Even if you haaate the idea of livestreaming… even if you’re not techie… even if being the center of attention makes you cringe…. especially if you despise feeling “salesy”…

You CAN be a celeb in your particular industry and peeps will FLOCK to you. ?

I talk about this stuff myself a lot, but I wanna introduce you to my friend Dana Wilde if you don’t already know her…

I don’t recommend a ton of people in my posts because honestly, I don’t trust a lot of people.

But I’ve been watching Dana do what she does best for years and she has a beautiful, compassionate, genuine heart of gold ? and I know she’ll do her best to help you, too.

Dana is hosting a FREE class this week to help you get clients and customers wayyyyyy easier and I’d love for you to attend with me! ?

? It’s called “How to Get Clients and Build a Cult Following!” and it’s happening Wednesday, October 30th, 2019.

Register here, baby: http://bit.ly/cultfollowing

See you there! ? 

How to Get Clients and Build a Cult Following. Dana Wilde. #InstaHappyRich

How to Get Clients and Build a Cult Following. Dana Wilde. #InstaHappyRich

Muah! ? Hugs, hope and hashtags.

Always remember, YOU are truly Instamazing!

Have an #InstaHappyRich Day!


? Charity

Share me like a sundae…

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? How to get paid to be YOU! Charity Nicole. #InstaHappyRich
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