Mistakes you may be making on Instagram

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✨Are you sabotaging your own efforts?

Ooh, I know how that sounds. I can hear you now: “Charity, WHY would I sabotage my own marketing efforts?”

I know. You’re trying so hard on Instagram to build your direct sales business, posting 4 times a day and blasting your product all over the place.

Why isn’t anyone buying? What gives?

I’ll tell you ONE THING that majorly gives: CONTENT.

But frankly, I’m sick of hearing coaches throw out the word “content” as if it’s SO OBVIOUS what you should be posting…

It’s not. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this.

You are NOT dumb for not knowing how to do this. It’s HARD to find your groove: that magical sweet spot between posting what feels fun & natural but also sells your stuff effortlessly. (But it exists! THIS is the #InstaHappyRich way!)

I tell my students, don’t just try to create CONTENT– create CHANGE.

You are a business owner; you are invested in your product and your company. But random people on Instagram have no idea who you are and most of them won’t care unless you give them a reason to stick around.

That’s why I highly suggest you start looking at your Instagram profile objectively.

Don’t let your ego get in the way.

See the BIG picture of your profile and what your content on there has to offer your prospects.

Are you ruining your own Instagram marketing efforts?

People do not come to Instagram to be advertised to…

However, let’s be honest, most of us have come to expect to see advertisements in our feed.

It’s OKAY that you promote your biz! It’s all about the WAY you do it.

I personally think a wise rule of thumb for all your posts is a 1:6 ratio. For every 6 posts, one of those should be a promo for what you do. Everything else, for the most part, should be interesting stuff catered to the people most likely to buy from you.

BUT, those other 5 posts shouldn’t just be random pics of your meal or the landscape… It needs to MATTER. Not just to you, but to your target audience.

Ask yourself: “Does this post MATTER? Am I making an impact?”

If you can imprint on someone and help them, you ARE making an impact. And that leads to trust. Trust leads to sales.

Dig down deep. If you were your ideal prospect, what would you most be entertained by or influenced by on Instagram?

Hint: post THAT!

It doesn’t matter if a million people visit your Instagram in a day; if they hate your content, they’ll leave as quickly as they came.

But we’re gonna keep that fate from happening to you. ?

Now I’d love to hear from you!

What’s ONE idea you got from this post that’ll help you change your methods for promoting your network marketing biz on Instagram RIGHT NOW?! ? Head over to @CharityNicoleXOXO, leave a comment and tell me all about it. I’d love to hear.

Don’t worry– there’s no shame in the #InstaHappyRich game! We’re growing better, never bitter. We are building an amazing tribe of #InstaHappyRich entrepreneurs using Instagram to build their biz every day. Your story could be what someone else needs to read to keep going on their journey! Building a business is not easy; that’s why we’re all in this together!

If you have friends or a teammate who needs this today, would you be so kind to share it with them? You could be the change someone else needs in their biz!

Thanks so much in advance for commenting and sharing. You are truly Instamazing. ? Have an #InstaHappyRich day.

Hugs, hope and hashtags!


? Charity

You deserve to have the freedom life you’re chasing after! Make small, incremental tweaks every week and you WILL get there!

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