It doesn’t matter when people unfollow you

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✨It doesn’t matter when people unfollow you

? Spam— do you hate it, too?

I know I’m not alone in this sentiment. Most people say exactly the same.

When you send canned messages that your company put together for you in efforts of reaching out to your “100s List” without any true meaning, personalization or caring… it just screams desperation.

People can smell when you actually NEED the business versus when you are simply offering them a product or service you know they’d be a great fit for.

Do you see the distinction?

As a direct seller myself for years, I used to be scared every time I’d lose followers on Instagram after I posted something about my product.

It would get me shakin’ in my boots because I thought that I was supposed to be pleasing everyone all the time as a “professional business owner.”

I’m sure you’ve probably felt that way, too.

But the simple truth is: it doesn’t matter when people unfollow you…

What matters is that you keep posting things that are relevant to the people who will LOVE you & want to do business with you.

If someone gets huffy because you are an actual business owner who posts about actual products and shares her passion, then frankly, you should be GLAD when they unfollow you. #ByeFelicia

Back in the day, I used to even get sad when I saw people unsubscribe from my email list.

Then I finally realized— who CARES? They were never going to want my services ANYWAY so why would I want them influencing any part of my mindset?

I’m so blessed & grateful that I’ve been able to build a community of direct sales gals that help each other and really dig the stuff I share with them.

Some people take that next step with me and purchase my stuff and some don’t.

But the ones who don’t are not getting angry when I share how I can help them with my paid products; it’s simply not the right time for them to go further in their biz.

So apply that to your followingbe thankful when people unfollow you that never cared about you in the first place.

They were never going to buy from you anyway, so don’t keep seeking their approval.

Keep shining and sharing amazing stuff for the kind of people that will LOVE you and want your products or opportunity when the time is right.

Keep building THOSE relationships stronger and stronger.

Now, one last thing— if people are unfollowing you in droves and you’re not growing at all, then yeah, you may be spamming or something else may be wrong that we need to examine.

In that case, I would definitely re-eval.

But if that’s not the case, you just brush off any negativity and haters and persist in your mission.

You have this dream in your heart for a reason. Don’t let anybody dull your shine.

If this helped you, share with your team! We can all uplift & inspire each other. I’m rooting for you. ?

Now I’d love to hear from you!

Do you feel more confident now that you don’t have to worry about unfollows?! ? Head over to @CharityNicoleXOXO, leave a comment and tell me all about it. I’d love to hear.

Don’t worry– there’s no shame in the #InstaHappyRich game! We’re growing better, never bitter. We are building an amazing tribe of #InstaHappyRich entrepreneurs using Instagram to build their biz every day. Your story could be what someone else needs to read to keep going on their journey! Building a business is not easy; that’s why we’re all in this together!

If you have friends or a teammate who needs this today, would you be so kind to share it with them? You could be the change someone else needs in their biz!

Thanks so much in advance for commenting and sharing. You are truly Instamazing. ? Have an #InstaHappyRich day.

Hugs, hope and hashtags!


? Charity

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