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✨Being successful = being of service.

Have you ever found yourself procrastinating with “busy work” while leaving the REAL, money-making tasks to wilt?

Don’t worry… We’ve ALL done it and it doesn’t have to be like this.

I want to show you a simple shift in mindset that will drastically help you when you’re chatting with your prospects about signing up.

You ready? Here we go…

You do NOT have to shiver in fear or worry, thinking each day that passes is like another grain of sand falling in the hour glass of your eventual success.

There’s really nothing to be afraid of!

Do you know that deep down, one of my biggest fears was that I’d end up looking like a failure or an idiot if I said or did the wrong thing?

So for me, it was easier to bury myself in learning: devouring tactics, strategies, product info, comp plan structure and such.

That way, I could calculate EXACTLY what I should know in case someone asked me about one of those things. I did NOT want to be without an answer.

(Because that would infer the foolishness I was referring to.)

But, guess what? And in hindsight, this is fairly obvious…


Wow, that’s pretty liberating, huh?

Throw your hands in the air and scream, “I WILL triumph without reading every single product pamphlet and watching company seminars on YouTube for 30 hours a week!”

Listening to people and responding to what they need is more important than knowing every tidbit about your product.

Did you get that? Really hear me say this: Listening to people and understanding their needs and how you can serve them is a gazillion times more important than throwing information at them. What a truly novel concept, right?!

There’s no need to worry that you’ll look stupid or silly.

People that are genuinely in need of your help will not have critical thoughts of you. They won’t expect you to be flawless. They’ll be grateful you even exist to help them.

It’s NOT your job to know exactly the ins and outs or predict the future of how a conversation will go.

I found the times I was simply genuine and really trying to get that person further in their journey were the times the sale came the easiest, and my heart leapt for joy because I had the honor of helping them find a solution to the problems they were dealing with.

Win-win for both of us and so much more savory a feeling! #WINNING

Forget about knowing everything and put yourself out there to truly serve your prospects.

At first, it may feel weird because you think you need to be “ON” all the time, trying to sell sell sell.

But soon, you’ll find those genuine interactions will make your biz and PAYCHECK flow with so much more ease and grace.

Remember, there is a drive and desire to succeed within you for a REASON!

You’re destined to pursue this and do tremendous things with your business and talents. And your talents were given to you so that you can serve others and make an impact.

You are in such a special position because not everyone has what it takes to be an entrepreneur and you have the capacity to touch so many with what you do!

You don’t have to be Mother Teresa to leave the world a better place than you found it!

Wake up every day with a Christmas mentality: how many people can I gift today with this blessing that I have?! It’ll put some pep in your step!

One last thought I want you to remember when taking on this serving mentality: it’s practically impossible to make a mistake when you’re looking out for the best interests of others. Doesn’t that make so much sense?

Be consistent with your actions, love others and bring that full circle into your biz and you can’t go wrong!

Now I’d love to hear from you!

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Hugs, hope and hashtags!


? Charity

You deserve to have the freedom life you’re chasing after! Make small, incremental tweaks every week and you WILL get there!

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